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What The Folks: Season 3 Episode 1 Recap - Circle of Life

The season 3 of What The Folks is available on YouTube.

What The Folks: Season 3 Episode 1 Recap - Circle of Life

Dice Media is back with the third season of What The Folks. This time the story revolves around Kiran's health. 

The episode opens with Kiran sitting blankly at Hasmukh Kaka's mourning ceremony. The old man's death is a pretty interesting way to start the third season. 

Meanwhile, Kiran is occupied with cracking jokes about his health. It is certain that Kiran has Alzheimer's. 

Anita is worried that she might be pregnant. She and Nikhil do not look like they're ready to have a child at the moment. Anita is constantly nudging Nikhil to run to the medical store and bring a pregnancy test for her but the guests and mourners at home have made it difficult for him to step out of the house. Is Anita pregnant? I am eager to find out.

Turns out, Shreya did opt for a divorce. And thanks to the previous season's finale, all is well between Shreya and Nikhil. 

Meanwhile, Sudha can be seen at the ceremony, but Prakash isn't there because he has gone off to a "self-improvement" camp. Probably, the makers couldn't get Vipin Sharma on board for the third season of the webseries. 

Buying the pregnancy test feels like a herculean task for Anita. She just can't seem to get hold of one without any intervention from her family.

The family head to Shreya's new apartment in Mumbai. She is beginning a new life and this time, her family is standing by her side like strong pillars. 

Kiran is reeling from the shock of Kaka’s death. He feels like he hasn’t done enough in his life to secure his children' future. In a heartfelt conversation, Nikhil tells him that Kiran has done a lot for him and Shreya. 

Previous episodes of What The Folks have been driven by their comedy. This episode is different. There are more moments of reflection and thoughtfulness. 

Later in the day, Nikhil manages to get the test for Anita. Nikhil's face is full of dread and anticipation as he waits outside the bathroom for Anita's response. 

The episode ends as Anita tells him that she's not pregnant. A huge weight is off Nikhil's shoulder as he sighs with relief but Anita isn't happy with the pregnancy test's result. Perhaps, she wanted to have a child after all. 

Episode Rating: 3.5/5