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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera

After being demotivated with his CAT performance for a while, Abhishek finally finds motivation to reappear in the exam.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 8 Recap: Jab Jaago Tabhi Savera

The last episode begins in the Panchayat office. Vikas and Abhishek are seated at their respective desks. Abhishek looks sad. He is seen staring at walls. It has been two months and Abhishek is still not over his CAT result. Vikas tries to cheer up Abhishek. Vikas asks him to move on and start preparing for the exam again. However, instead of getting motivated, Abhishek snaps. He tells Vikas that CAT isn’t the easiest paper to get through. To get into an IIM the minimum score required is 99 out of 100. And he scored only 82 percentile. Abhishek has lost all confidence and motivation to prepare and re-appear in the exam next year.

Next, we see Vikas and Abhishek putting up a flex outside the Panchayat office. Abhishek apologises to Vikas for snapping at him. Vikas accepts the apology with a smile. 

Abhishek goes to Manju Devi’s house to get her thumb impressions on some official papers. Manju Devi teases him for not clearing CAT. Abhishek gives it back to her by pointing out that she is not in charge of her responsibilities as the Panchayat President. She will not even hoist the flag on the coming Republic Day. This realisation pinches her. When Pradhan ji, Manju Devi’s husband, returns home, she declares that she will hoist the flag this year on Republic Day. Initially he thinks Manju Devi is joking, however after realising that she is serious, Pradhan ji is taken aback. 

Hoisting the flag isn’t a big deal, but having to sing the National Anthem is a challenge for Manju Devi. She doesn’t know the anthem and has only 2 days to memorise it. Since Pradhan ji himself is not available, she takes help from Abhishek. Abhishek spends half a day trying to make her memorise the National Anthem but Manju ji is a slow learner. She is not able to remember the words one after the other smoothly. Annoyed and tired, Abhishek loses hope. He downloads the anthem in Manju ji’s phone and asks her to listen to it repeatedly. 

The next day, Pradhan ji returns home from his trip to Malkopur. He brings a new saree for Manju Devi to wear on the Republic Day. But Manju Devi isn’t pleased to see the new saree. Pradhan ji learns that Manju Devi is dispirited because she couldn’t memorise the National Anthem properly. She tells Pradhan ji to only do the job of hoisting the flag. 

It is the Republic Day next day. Pradhan ji is all decked up in a new set of kurta pajama he bought from Fakauli Market. At the office, Abhishek asks Pradhan ji to invite Manju Devi. If not hoist the flag, she could just be present for the ceremony. Pradhan ji tells Abhishek that he had already asked her to come but she is not interested. Still Abhishek calls and invites Manju Devi. 

Meanwhile, the DM passing through the main road of the village notices a banner wishing Republic Day. The banner consists of a big image of Pradhan ji and smaller images of Prahlad and Manju Devi on the side. The DM asks her driver to turn the car into the village. 

Here at the office, after waiting for Manju Devi to arrive, Pradhan ji loses patience and takes the step to hoist the flag. Just then, the DM arrives. She admonishes Pradhan ji for taking the position of his wife. She yells at Abhishek as well. He as the Secretary being witness to all things wrong is also deemed responsible. The DM scolds him for not complaining officially against Pradhan ji. She asks her assistant to note Abhishek’s name in order to suspend him from his position.

While all this is going on, Manju Devi arrives with a team of a few women with her. The women behind her are the official ward members, whose husbands work in their places. 

After learning that the unknown lady is the DM, Manju Devi claims that she hoists the flag every year in front of her. The DM asks Manju Devi to go ahead and hoist the flag in her presence if that is the case. Manju Devi hesitantly takes small steps towards the flag. She is afraid that she will not be able to hoist the flag properly. Until this point, the DM is convinced that Manju Devi is lying to save her husband. The DM instructs her about the right way to hoist the flag when she’s unable to. Then she asks Manju Devi to sing the National Anthem. Manju Devi begins but forgets a few words in between. Just when Manju Devi is about to stop, Brij Mohan, her husband, fills in for her. When Manju Devi finishes the National Anthem, everyone claps for her. The DM commands Brij Mohan to help Manju Devi with her work the same way as he did during the National Anthem. She asks Manju Devi to start to learn office work and not let her husband take her place. 

Before leaving, the DM’s assistant asks if Abhishek’s suspension is final. Brij Mohan, Manju Devi and all the villagers affirm that Abhishek is a good man and he should not be suspended. The DM cancels his suspension and leaves. 

In the next scene, we see Abhishek talking to his friend on the phone. He tells his friend that he is planning to start preparing for CAT again. But for that, he will have to stay in this village for one more year at least. His friend recommends that he find something and fall in love with the village. This way Abhishek will stop cribbing and end up studying well. Abhishek rejects this idea. He completely detests the village and believes that there is nothing here which can make him like it.

Next, we see Abhishek climbing up the stairs of the water tank next to the Panchayat office where everyone has been asking him to go to. He goes up and tries to find the X-factor in the view from up there. But the village looks just the same. “What nonsense!”, he exclaims while turning around to go down. Just then, he hears a cough. He goes around the tank to find a girl having tea. He learns she is Pradhan ji’s daughter, Rinki, and the episode concludes with a soft smile on Abhishek’s face. Perhaps, Rinki is that “something” which will make Abhishek fall in love with the village. 

Episode rating: 3.5/5