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Dhriti’s Trajectory in The Family Man Season 2

Read on to find out how Dhriti’s character shapes up in The Family Man season 2. Spoilers...duh!

Dhriti’s Trajectory in The Family Man Season 2

The Family Man was released on Amazon Prime Video on June 4 2021 and has been creating a lot of buzz because of its thrilling and engaging storyline. The second season of the spy web series focuses on the cause of the Tamil Eelam. TASC has a new threat to deal with and a lot of new characters are introduced. Amid all this, an existing character rises to prominence which is of Srikant’s daughter, Dhriti.

After going through all the teenage drama in the first season, The Family Man season 2 shows Dhriti with her boyfriend who mysteriously enters her life. Kalyan is a sweet and charming boy but unbeknownst to Dhriti, he is a terrorist, or one in the making. His real name is Salman and he has been brainwashed and roped in by Sajid. In order to avenge Srikant, Sajid plans to keep an eye on his daughter through Salman and kidnap her when needed.

Dhriti’s character is that of an angry and cranky teenage girl who grows more irritable as the series proceeds. Forget about laughing, you will rarely see her smile in the show. In The Family Man season 2, the tattered marriage of Srikant and Suchi has an adverse impact on the kids which shows in Dhriti’s attitude towards her parents and her general crankiness. She holds her mother responsible for sending her father away to Chennai. She is also angry with Srikant for going away and doesn’t pick up his call even once. Dhriti doesn’t get along with most of her classmates at school and one of them describes her as an ‘angry feminazi’. In this situation, the only companionship she finds is in Kalyan who she trusts completely. She is often seen talking back to Suchi and lying to her to hang out with Kalyan. Dhriti is really into Kalyan and after a point, even he starts liking Dhriti for real. However, his young mind is influenced by Sajid who makes him kidnap Dhriti for revenge.

In a gruesome incident, Dhriti kills Kalyan by stabbing him multiple times with a piece of broken glass. This scene is both shocking and disturbing because you don’t expect a sixteen-year-old girl to have the heart to kill a human being and especially a person that she once loved. This is a defining moment for her character. Moreover, the way she gives her everything to escape the terrorists shows her courage in the face of danger. She finally reunites with her father and cries her heart out.

Dhriti has the most dynamic character arc in The Family Man season 2. At the end, she is more empathetic, understanding and affectionate towards her parents than at the beginning. After surviving multiple injuries from being assaulted in captivity, she is put into counselling to help her cope with the traumatic incident. She also finds out about her father’s real job and listens to Srikant’s medal story like a proud daughter.

With the third season of The Family Man in the pipeline, it will be interesting to see how Dhriti’s role shapes up after everything that happens to her.