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Breathe: Into the Shadows- What Did the Ending Mean?

Breathe: Into the Shadows gives the audience an intriguing ending. Spoilers ahead!

Breathe: Into the Shadows- What Did the Ending Mean?

The thriller web series Breathe: Into the Shadows, starring Abhishek Bachchan, follows the story of a couple who go on a killing spree to bring their daughter back from the captivity of a kidnapper. Breathe: Into the Shadows reaches the end at a rocky pace.

But wait, what was that ending?

Avinash is being treated for his dissociative identity disorder in a mental health care institute. He tries to convince Abha that he is on the road to recovery but she is not ready to take him back yet. In the last scene, we see Avi walking on stage for a cultural program in the asylum and - wait for it - he is limping. This means J is still hiding in his psyche. We also see J give Shirley a note which reads “C-16”. Now this combination of an alphabet and number could have many mysterious connotations. This is a great way to end the show as it is the sort of cliffhanger that keeps audiences coming back for more. There are certain theories about how the makers of Breathe: Into the Shadows would build on this cliff-hanger in the next season of the web series.

Is C-16 a secret code for escape?

C-16 could refer to J’s room number or bed number which is a signal for Shirley to help him escape. Adding to this, C-16 could also mean a code word between J and Shirley the significance of which will be revealed in the next season. However, this is the most obvious assumption and the makers might want to be more creative with the cliffhanger. 

C-16 could also refer to J’s next target. 

Maybe C-16 could refer to the target’s home or work address? Since the kidnapper’s revenge mission doesn’t conclude in Breathe: Into the Shadows, it could be possible that he makes Shirley his accomplice to fulfill his motives. This will also mean a greater role for Shirley in the next season. 

Or is C-16 a medicine that will help J survive inside Avi? 

Maybe J has been already taking this medicine sneakily which also explains his dominant presence in Avi even after 3 years of treatment. This could imply that Shirley is supplying this medicine to J. 

Lastly, does C-16 refer to a Canadian bill?

Some fan theories suggest that C-16 refers to J’s next target in Canada, i.e. Meghna. C-16 is a bill that was passed in Canada in June 2017 to prevent violence and discrimination against people on the basis of their gender identity or gender expression. Fans believe that Meghna will become an influential activist for this cause in the next season of Breathe: Into the Shadows and thus, C-16 refers to Meghna. 

Whatever it is, one thing is clear that J’s plan is far from over and the upcoming season will have more drama, action and thrill to offer.