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What The Folks: Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - Arranged Family

What The Folks is an entertaining story of a simple family.

What The Folks: Season 1 Episode 1 Recap - Arranged Family

Dice Media's What The Folks can be streamed on YouTube. Among the big flop blockbusters and long running boring soap operas, What The Folks was one of the first of its kinds: a light hearted family drama web series.

The pilot episode opens with Nikhil Solanki (Veer Rajwant Singh) getting special treatment as he enters his in-laws' home. With a loving orthodox mother-in-law, Sudha Sharma (Deepika Amin), a caring but overly possessive father-in-law, Prakash Sharma (Vipin Sharma), and a fun sister-in-law, Akshata Sharma (Anula Navlekar), Nikhil is sure to get a helluva ride.

Nikhil is terribly missing his wife, Anita Sharma (Eisha Chopra) who is in Delhi. Meanwhile, he is getting proper 'damaad' treatment by his parents-in-law. Food is being served to him in abundance. Loaded with paranthas dipped in butter, palak paneer, dum aloo, rajma, rice, dal; his plate looks like a mini buffet in itself. This scene is quite funny. But does anyone else find it funny that Nikhil is calling his mother-in-law, aunty? I think this is going to be addressed later. I predict that by the end of the season, he’s going to adopt her as Ma.

The Sharmas too have a lot of quirks. Mrs Sharma, who happens to be too sanskari, tells Nikhil not to eat with the left hand, and heckles Akshata when the latter uses the word "sexist". And in a typical Indian household, you can't use words that have "sex" in it. It's prohibited. 

It's Tuesday. Nikhil has a sad start to his morning when he finds out that he can't eat his egg sandwich today. Plus, the Sharmas is a coffee-only household. They don't drink tea! Ridiculous! I almost choked on my tea. Tea should be declared as the national drink. Nikhil has to manage with a lot of butter dipped paranthas.

Nikhil gets Mr Sharma's car and heads to a work meeting with his coworker Rohan. Nikhil's diet has gotten him a bad stomach. And Rohan has great fun listening to Nikhil's misery. 

The end of the day brings problems for Nikhil and the Sharmas. Nikhil bangs Mr Sharma's car into an auto. Akshata reminds Nikhil about how possessive her father is and says to him, "Papa ne ye gaadi retirement ke paiso se li thi". Nikhil is shitting his pants, thinking about what the day will bring when his father-in-law gets to know about the disaster.

Episode Rating: 4/5