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Sunflower Trailer Breakdown

Sunflower is an upcoming comedy-thriller on ZEE5 premiering on 11 June.

Sunflower is a series created and co-directed by Vikas Bahl. It stars Sunil Grover as a murder suspect and Ranvir Shorey as the police officer investigating the case.

From the trailer we learn that Sunflower is a society where one of the residents is murdered.
Sonu Singh has an eccentric personality which makes him one of the prime suspects among the residents of the society. 

We see Sonu Singh proudly proclaim that he received the Best employee, Best salesman, Best behaviour award all in the same year. Later he even announces that he wants to stand for the Chairman elections in the society. There is also a hint of a possible unrequited love angle with an office colleague.

We see Sonu in his house with gloves and a syringe and flashes of other residents being wary of him. The maid working in the apartment where the murder took place has an affair with the building security guard and during interrogation scenes we see one of the police officers accuse her of planning the murder with the guard.

Shorey portrays the cop with a dead-pan personality while Grover’s Sonu is of a person out of their depths who is a little slow and doesn’t understand social cues.

The trailer looks interesting and Sunil Grover slips naturally into his character. There seems to be a lot of mystery and black humor in this series. Fans of the whodunnit genre should certainly check out this show.