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Special OPS Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

Hafiz knows that he has a double agent up his ranks. Farooq hatches a new plan to deal with Hafiz’s growing suspicions.

Special OPS Season 1 Episode 7 Recap

The episode begins with Avinash finding Bala’s dead body in the restroom hall. Avinash conveys the news to Himmat. Ruhani and Himmat try to convince Avinash to leave Bala’s body and exit immediately but Avinash refuses. Back at the wedding, Farooq slips a recording device in Ismail’s phone.

Juhi helps Avinash escape with Bala’s body by driving off in a fake ambulance. Himmat gives Juhi instructions to bring Bala home with the help of an Indian consulate. Himmat’s voice cracks and for the first time he looks like he has lost control of the situation. His face loses the calm expression which has never faltered before. He takes deep breaths but still finds it difficult to gather his thoughts. This is a gem of a scene with great acting by Kay Kay Menon.

Himmat orders all his agents to return to their assigned countries. 

Hafiz had recognised Bala, and the agents have brought Bala’s body back with them.

Himmat is convinced that Hafiz will soon link all of them with Bala and their covers will be blown.

In Delhi, Abbas gets a tip off about a man named Nayak from Pakistan. Nayak is trafficking girls into middle eastern countries. He further learns that Nayak is the one who got the daughter of  the Jamaat chief of Pakistan married in Islamabad. Abbas manages to catch Nayak after a wild chase across the terrace of a hotel and decides to let Himmat Singh interrogate him.

In the UAE, Hafiz informs Ismail about the mole in their team. Hafiz tells him that he is suspicious of Farooq and asks Ismail to do a background check on him again. Back in the car, Farooq is listening to this conversation through the device he had slipped in Ismail’s phone.

In Delhi HQ, Himmat is introduced to Surya Kumar, Special Duty officer. He is incharge of the security of the delegate coming from Islamabad for peace talks in Delhi. He wants to talk to Himmat regarding his alert of upcoming suicide bombings in Delhi. Surya asks Himmat what measures he has taken to tackle this situation. Himmat informs him that RAW does not have authority to react over this situation and that his funds are also suspended. Himmat further blames Surya’s division for not consulting with him before bringing Pakistani VIPs in Delhi.
Surya counters by saying that Himmat isn’t aware about particular government specified procedures they have to follow. Himmat manipulates him into a conversation and at the end proves Surya’s inability to cooperate with RAW. Finally, Surya agrees to provide Himmat with information about the delegate.

Farooq calls Himmat for help since he is worried about getting exposed. Himmat encourages him to use Sonya for this situation but doesn’t explain how.

Farooq calls Sonya and gets her to divulge the details of Ismail’s location. We later learn that he is planning to get her killed to ward off the growing suspicion towards him. On the call with Himmat, he hatches one last plan to capture Hafiz while he is en-route to Islamabad.

Himmat brings back Avinash and Ruhani for this mission. They are ordered to fly to Dubai. 

Farooq calls Ismail and tells him that Hafiz had confided in him about his suspicions that Ismail wasthe man behind the attacks on his life. Ismail gets worried and immediately calls Hafiz but he doesn’t pick up. While meeting with some dealers, Sonya, who up till now was standing next to him, gets shot. Ismail runs from the location and goes to the underground parking where he gets in the car with Farooq and another undercover agent.

Hafiz’s men pick up the local man who is incharge of the safehouse of Himmat’s agents. Himmat has already contacted him and given him the instruction as to how to deal with interrogators if and when they nab him. During interrogation, the man tells Hafiz’s men that he was paid by Ismail Hasan. 

Back in the car, Farooq tries to win Ismail’s trust by informing him about the recording device that Hafiz’s people had bugged his phone with. Hafiz calls Farooq and orders to meet with him immediately. Ismail now scared for his life, informs Farooq that Hafiz is so cruel that he is letting his own wife become a suicide bomber for the Delhi attacks. And on this note, the episode ends.

I can’t believe Farooq had Sonya killed. It didn’t feel like the original or the emotional path heroes of a story are supposed to take. It was cold and calculated.

I really like how Himmat is portrayed in this episode. He looks shaken and tired. He also has flashbacks about the night Avinash died.

Abbas and Surya’s appearance in this episode felt important and key to the events that will unfold in the final episode. I can’t wait to watch it!

Also a fun fact, Actor who plays Hafiz is Iranian and has also played the antagonist in Tiger Zinda Hai.

Rating 5/5