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Shaadisthan Trailer Breakdown

A new road trip travel movie but with a social message

Shaadisthan stars Kirti Kulhari (of Four More Shots Please! fame) and Niveditha Bhattacharya in leading roles. The movie is written and directed by Raj Singh Chaudhary and will stream on Disney+ Hotstar on 11 June.

Bhattacharya’s real life husband also plays a part in this movie. I got really excited when I saw Kay Kay Menon in a blink-and-miss scene, but unfortunately he is not part of the main lead and will only be making a cameo appearance.

The story revolves around a girl named Arshi who runs away from her house so that her father doesn’t marry her off. Somehow she gets found and Arshi and her parents prepare to take her back and she is forced to meet her future in-laws in Rajasthan. She and her parents, in a turn of events, have to travel on a tour bus of a rock-band with a female lead singer.

Arshi and her mother form a bond with the lead singer who is a feminist, has a care-free lifestyle and is intimidated by no one. Her strong persona even motivates Arshi’s mother to strive for a change and try saving her daughter from a forced marriage. The singer also talks about wanting to protect Arshi from her fate. We also see some flashes of the singer’s past.

Arshi’s father is orthodox and is seen shouting at his daughter. He is worried about his social status and about the ‘Log Kya Kahenge’ narrative because of Arshi's rebellion.

In one scene we hear Arshi say that she wishes she had the power to end her own life.

I like the plays of words in the title signifying the theme of the story and it’s setting.

The trailer is well made and hits all the right notes. Music will play an important part in this movie and the trailer has Indian soulful music mixed with Rajasthani themes creating an apt mood for the story. The supporting cast is expected to add comic relief.

I am excited for this film and intrigued by the experiment of mixing a travel-adventure genre with a social cause.