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Scam 1992 Season 01 Episode 09 Recap: Ek Crore Ka Suitcase

Santswami and the CBI Chief plot against Harshad.

Scam 1992 Season 01 Episode 09 Recap: Ek Crore Ka Suitcase

The episode starts with a recording of Harshad, in which he blames the police, CBI and the government for being a part of the scam. Harshad says that if something happens to him, at least this video will convey the truth to everyone.

Bhushan is beaten up by the CBI officers. Madhavan enters the room with a sly grin and forces Bhushan to speak the truth and tell them all the inside stories. Bhushan says that Harshad is a powerful man and has good contact with the Prime Minister. No one can take him down. His words are a shock to Madhavan.

Madhavan goes to the CBI Chief with a request to investigate the Prime Minister.

The CBI Chief goes to meet Santswami in Delhi. Santswami says that the Prime Minister should not be questioned for a case like this. It is an insult to his title. Very tactfully, he forces the Chief to believe that the scam is done solely by Harshad. Santswami also asks him to keep an eye on the journalist, Sucheta Dalal.

Madhavan comes to the CBI Chief’s office. He knows about the officers following Sucheta Dalal. He says this is a waste of his time and resources. But, the Chief rebukes him on this and says that everything cannot be done in his way. He asks Madhavan to not make the case political because of his personal vendetta and decides to take over the case himself. Madhavan furiously calls him a parrot for following someone else’s orders in this case.

Harshad’s lawyer assures him a bail by 30th July. But, the CBI Chief has other plans. He asks his officers to file FIRs against Harshad.

Harshad is supposed to get his bail on 30 th July. His wife and children are waiting for him. But, Ashwin comes back with the news that the CBI has kept him in custody for another 15 days. They want to trouble him into accepting that the scam is solely his fault.

The CBI Chief interrogates Harshad. He asks how many banks Harshad has bribed till now. Here, we can notice how diplomatically he keeps the politicians outside the conversation while he questions him. He warns Harshad that if he does not cooperate, he will have to stay in jail forever.

Late at night, the window in Sucheta's room shatters with a loud noise. Sucheta is terrified. She looks at the stone and the letter wrapped around it. It is sent by Ashwin who requests her to meet him.

When she meets him, Ashwin begs her to save his brother. He is afraid that the officers might kill Harshad. But, Sucheta is not ready to listen to him. She is very furious at Harshad and refuses to help him.

Harshad’s friend, Rahil is petrified. He had invested in the share market on Harshad’s advice and lost all his money. He borrowed money from his friends who want it back now. One of them even threatened to kill him. Rahil is frightened that they will hand him over to the police who will anyway not spare him.

13 August, 1992. Harshad gets bail. Just as he heads out of the court, people from the Enforcement Directorate arrest him for breaking the Foreign Exchange Regulation Act. They take him with them and question him. But, Harshad tries to justify himself.

The CBI Chief calls up Santswami and tells him that they cannot keep Harshad in jail for so long when all the other offenders in that case have been released. Santswami answers that he can release Harshad but they have to create a fear in his mind that he cannot get over his days in the prison.

The day when Harshad finally gets the bail, his supporters and journalists wait for him outside the court. He goes back home where his family happily welcomes him. It is strange to see that after all the charges that Harshad is accused with, his family accepted him without any hesitation.

4 December, 1992. Harshad goes to Delhi. There he meets a man working for the Prime Minister. The man requests Harshad to avoid taking the Prime Minister’s name in regard to this scam. In return, Harshad asks for protection to which the man agrees.

Harshad is in a Joint Parliamentary Meeting where he exposes foreign banks like Citibank which dominate the Indian money market, to be the real scammers. They take advantage of the loopholes in the system and exploit the RBI guidelines. Harshad offers to cooperate with investigating agencies, but only if he is free from all charges against him.

Tyagi is called to the Joint Parliamentary meeting. He is questioned on all the allegations that were pressed by Harshad on Citibank. Tyagi proves that Citibank’s books are clean.

Sucheta and Debashis go to Delhi on Venkitaramanan’s request. There, they meet a member of the Parliamentary committee. He tells Sucheta that they cannot bring out the truth of the system due to their limited powers. So, they need her help to bring out the hidden information about foreign banks to the public. He provides Sucheta and Debashis with all the files containing sensitive information and requests them to work inside the office only, as no file should get out of there.

Citibank decides to promote Tyagi and send him to New York. They want him to be away from all the allegations. Tyagi agrees to it, but this makes Kedia very upset. Kedia spent time in jail after the regular raids and investigation that happened in all his banks. He does not want Tyagi to leave him alone in this situation. But, Tyagi, a selfish man, does not listen to him and makes up his mind about New York.

Yet another raid happens in Harshad’s house. The CBI Chief questions him about Niraj Shah. Shah has been a client of Growmore. The Chief informs Harshad that Shah runs a narcotics business and Growmore handles their investments. They have come to his house to search for drugs. But, they do not find any. Harshad tries to convince him that he does not have any clue of his clients’ businesses. Clearly, this is part of the strategy to keep Harshad on the edge with fear.

Pranav takes Harshad to an eminent lawyer, Ram Jethmalani. Mr. Jethmalani asks Harshad to stay quiet if he is interrogated.

Harshad, Ashwin and Mr. Jethmalani hold a press conference where Mr. Jethmalani discloses the funding that the Prime Minister took from Harshad.

Here, clips from the original video of the press conference are also shown, where Mr. Jethmalani reveals about the donation given by Harshad Mehta to the Prime Minister, PV Narsimha Rao. I really like the concept of using the real video of the conference in the episode to bring home the fact that this really happened.

In this episode, misconduct and corruption in the system has been disclosed. The reality of the money market and government’s misdeeds unfold here.

Episode Rating 4/5