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Ram Singh Charlie: An Ode To The Forgotten Arts

An obscure setting becomes the centre of attention in Ram Singh Charlie.

Ram Singh Charlie: An Ode To The Forgotten Arts

Directed by Nitin Kakkar, Ram Singh Charlie follows the emotional journey of a circus clown. 

When Jango Circus closes overnight, Ram Singh (Kumud Mishra) whose circus name is Charlie feels lost and directionless. He has to take care of his pregnant wife (Divya Dutta) and a young son.

The downfall of the circus as a form of entertainment is something we have all seen. The loud musicians and gymnasts lost their livelihood, but the ones who got the least appreciation were perhaps the clowns. 

Ram Singh was one of these clowns. But what makes him different from the others is his sense of self and an optimistic spirit. The circus people are often believed to have high spirits and a can-do attitude. This is true in the context of the film as well. The circus employees are like one happy family who get through the hard times together.

Despite its unusual and very specific setting, Ram Singh Charlie manages to hold the attention of the audience and make the transition relatable. 

A heartwarming story of optimism in the face of limited opportunities is the larger theme our society has been struggling with recently. In times like these, a story of perseverance is exactly what we needed.

However, it is important to note that director Nitin Kakkar makes it a point to ensure that the story never becomes too dull or too sad. It is always relevant and steady when it comes to the narrative.

Mishra and Dutta both shine through the screen with their brilliant performances and it truly a delight to see them take the lead in a story. 

With a refreshing perspective and original storyline, Ram Singh Charlie is bound to win you over. 3.5/5.

Ram Singh Charlie is now streaming on SonyLIV.