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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Bohot Hua Samman

Abhishek decides to put aside his ego and focus on his studies however, the situation goes out of his hands very soon.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 6 Recap: Bohot Hua Samman

The sixth episode begins with Abhishek getting a photograph clicked of himself. The photographer tells him to collect the photographs at 11 am the next day. Meanwhile, Abhishek hears some indistinct noise outside. Vikas is in an argument with two local boys who were sitting on Abhishek’s bike. Abhishek asks them to not sit on the bike because it may fall with their weight. The two boys get furious. Abhishek locks horns with them by responding back rudely. The boys then threaten Abhishek and Vikas to now have a taste of their power. One of the two, Bablu, calls his brother and asks him to send their other friends. Abhishek becomes a nervous and decides to run away from the place. Bablu asks the shopkeeper the time at which Abhishek will return to collect his photographs. The shopkeeper seems to be on Bablu’s side. He informs Bablu about the time. Now Bablu intimidates Abhishek and Vikas. He tells them to be prepared for him and his team tomorrow at 11 am.

On their way back, Abhishek asks Vikas to not get involved in such unnecessary fights. However, Vikas feels the need to defend himself for the sake of his self-respect. As soon as the two reach office, Vikas picks up his phone to call Pradhan ji and intimate him about this incident. Abhishek interrupts him and tells him to not make a big deal out of it. Vikas thinks Abhishek is scared. However, Abhishek explains that his CAT exam is right at the corner and he doesn’t want to waste his time in such petty useless fights. To be fair to Vikas, Abhishek does seem a bit scared. 

The next day, Abhishek goes to the shop to collect his photos. However, he goes at 2 pm instead of 11 am to escape the two rascals. The shopkeeper tells Abhishek that he has deleted his photos on Bablu and Dablu’s command. Abhishek returns empty-handed. 

While Abhishek studies at night, he receives a call from Bablu and Dablu. They provoke Abhishek to have a brawl with them. Abhishek loses his calm and challenges them. They decide to meet at 3 pm on the ground in Fakauli Market. 

Abhishek shares the details of this incident with Pradhan ji and Prahlad. They take the challenge head-on and plan their fight. Pradhani ji decides to take his rifle along. The four of them leave with their goggles on in full swag. Abhishek and Vikas reach the location before Pradhan ji and Prahlad. Bablu and Dablu are already present along with their troop of boys. Just when the other boys begin to overpower poor Abhishek and Vikas, Pradhan ji and Prahlad arrive with the rifle. They scare the boys with it but soon enough everyone realises that the rifle isn’t a real gun. Bablu, Dablu and the team begin to threaten Pradhan ji as well. While doing so, Bablu pushes him. Pradhan ji falls flat on the ground. This enrages Abhishek. He takes the gun from Prahlad and begins to use it as a weapon to thwart the rivals. Scared of Abhishek’s madness, the rivals surrender. 

In the next scene, we see Abhishek getting his picture clicked at the same shop he came to earlier. The photographer is scared of this man who is now assumed to lose his cool anytime and go mad in his anger. Finally, after having clicked the photographs, Abhishek submits his CAT application form and the episode concludes.

Episode rating: 3/5