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Panchayat Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Computer Nahi Monitor

Abhishek’s decision to have some fun leads him into a grave consequence.

Panchayat Season 1 Episode 5 Recap: Computer Nahi Monitor

The episode begins with Abhishek cutting vegetables to prepare dinner. His phone pings. He checks it to find a photograph of one of his school friends partying. Abhishek smirks in pity on himself. He then decides to go and buy some beer to take a break. Also, because it is a Friday night.

Abhishek arranges three chairs in his verandah, brings some snacks and relaxes with a bottle of beer in his hand. He clicks a selfie to put it up on his page on the internet but pulls back just before posting it. Perhaps, he is afraid that other people will pity him for being alone and boring.

The next day, Abhishek wakes up to find that he left the office door open the previous night. He panics and checks if anything is stolen in the office. He notices that the computer monitor is missing. Abhishek calls Pradhan ji to inform him. Pradhan ji, along with Prahlad and Vikas reaches the office. Pradhan ji lashes out at Abhishek for being so careless. He loses his trust in Abhishek and asks him to find a new place to live for himself. Pradhan ji is very angry with him for the loss he has incurred. 

Prahlad and Abhishek go to lodge a police complaint. The official isn’t very serious about the whole incident and its investigation. He suggests that Abhishek look for the monitor in the farm around the office. Apparently, a few days ago, a thief picked up some stuff but left it in the farm because it was too heavy. The official thinks this could happen in this case as well. Abhishek gets offended and reminds the official to do his job properly. The official mocks Abhishek for drinking and not being careful enough. Just as Abhishek is about to respond, Prahlad chips in and settles the conflict. The official agrees to send an inspector to the Panchayat office for enquiry in the afternoon. 

While leaving the police station, Abhishek tells Prahlad that he is going to Fakauli Market to look for a room. Prahlad asks Abhishek to not take Pradhan ji’s word seriously. However, Abhishek believes that he should rent a new place. After all, he is responsible for the loss. But eventually, Prahlad convinces Abhishek to go back directly to their village and not worry much. He also tells Abhishek that a new monitor will be delivered after submitting the FIR copy and an application, a new monitor will be delivered in just a year or so. Well, a year is a long long time for Abhishek. Does he even wish to stay in the village for that long?

Abhishek is fed up with everyone chattering about the stolen monitor. He looks up the cost of a new monitor screen, perhaps wanting to buy it to shut everyone’s mouths. 

The inspector arrives. He asks some redundant questions like how many bottles of beer Abhishek consumed, what he had as a side dish and where he sat while drinking. Abhishek loses his cool and reminds the inspector to ask something which might help the case. The inspector goes inside the office, he notices Abhishek’s preparation books for CAT. As he learns that Abhishek drank for the first time in the last four months, he suspects that Abhishek is the thief itself. The inspector believes that having just two bottles of beer is not enough to intoxicate a person to an extent that he forgets to latch the door before sleeping. He thinks that Abhishek has crafted a story to fool others. According to the inspector, Abhishek drank beer as an excuse for leaving the door open and stole the monitor to extract money for himself. 

The inspector shares this theory with Prahlad and Pradhan ji. Prahlad doesn’t agree with the inspector’s suspicion. He defends Abhishek by saying that he earns enough and does not have the need to steal for money. Then the inspector brings to light that Abhishek is preparing to do an MBA which implies that he does crave more money. 

Though Pradhan ji and Prahlad do not believe in the inspector’s theory, they do develop a germ of doubt about Abhishek. The three go to Abhishek’s place to further the inquiry.

The inspector asks Abhishek why he chose to drink on that day only. Abhishek is baffled by this question. Repeatedly being asked the same, his thoughts burst out. He tells everyone that his mood was off because he is bored of the life he is living. Work all day, then study at night. First deal with complaints of the villagers in the day then the electricity problem at night. He is annoyed with the monotonous routine he follows. There is no one to interact and chill with after a hectic day of work. He doesn’t have a social life. And moreover, it was a Friday night which prompted him to take a small step towards enjoying himself. Thus, he had a drink.

The inspector still refuses to believe Abhishek. He suggests Pradhan ji allow him to take Abhishek to the police station for more questioning. Pradhani ji rebukes this suggestion and asks the inspector to leave. Pradhan ji declares that Abhishek might be careless but isn’t a thief.

Pradhan ji empathises with Abhishek’s plight. He doesn’t have food served by his wife by himself at home. Instead, packs some more and leaves for Abhishek’s house along with Prahlad and Vikas and a few bottles of beer. They have food together and bond over a beer. Pradhan ji asks Abhishek to consider him, Prahlad and Vikas as his family. Pradhan ji also puts across that there’s no need for Abhishek to change his house. He must continue to live in the Panchayat office without any qualms. The four of them click a selfie and enjoy their Saturday night.

The episode ends on a happy note as Abhishek wakes up the next day to find the stolen monitor at his doorstep. There’s a note as well which says that the thief thought it was a TV. 

Episode rating: 3.5/5