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Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Ankush

In Mirzapur’s sixth episode, we see unlikely alliances being made for selfish purposes. Both the Tripathis and Guddu are getting prepared for future fallbacks.

Mirzapur Season 2 Episode 6 Recap: Ankush

The episode begins with Guddu and Golu attacking Tripathis’ gun factory and burning it down.

When the Tripathis  return from Lucknow, they are enraged to find their factory in ashes. Akhandanand lies and tells the CM that it was a short-circuit that burned down the factory. -He must hide the fact at all costs that  there are people capable of attacking the great Tripathis. He further asks the minister to get this event printed in the press as CM's initiative to reduce illegal crime trades in Mirzapur.

In Lucknow, Golu meets with Chota Tyagi, the younger of the twin Tyagi brothers. Chota Tyagi tries to flirt with  her but it doesn’t work. Golu is all professional and asks him to get her opium deal with the Tyagis finalised soon. At the CM’s residence, Kaleen Bhaiya brings a marriage proposal for Madhuri against Munna’s wishes. Madhuri agrees to marry him.

Later, Robin is seen tutoring Dimpy. These two have become quite close now.

Dimpy’s father, Ramakant sends his wife to meet Dimpy. He wants her to make Dimpy -agree to be a  witness for the wedding massacre. Having lost faith in the justice system, Dimpy refuses.

Ramakant finally finds a witness who is willing to testify. Imran Alam, the old man Munna had abused at the wedding. Ramakant also meets officer Maurya here. He was also collecting evidence on the side. Turns out Maurya was never working with the Tripathis. He just wanted to be protected from their wrath and thus complied with them. All this while, he was secretly working on his agenda to bring them down.

They both go to a senior police officer for permission to file criminal charges against Munna. The senior official refuses, saying the Tripathis and the Yadavs are soon going to be joined as a family because of the upcoming marriage. He does not want to file charges against the CM’s son-in-law.

Back at Mirzapur, Beena gets a call from Golu inquiring about the whereabouts of Babur. Beena sends Raja, her servant to free Babur, who till now was kept tethered in his house by Maqbool.

In Balia, Lala reprimands Guddu for getting close to Shabnam. Guddu refuses to pay any heed to his warning. Golu informs Guddu that their dependence on Lala for opium is risky. She finds plots of land that grow poppy for their own business, but the problem is that these lands are allotted by the government. 

Guddu calls JP Yadav, CM’s younger brother and asks him to -allot him the government lands. Yadav tells him he has no reason to go against the Tripathis, but then Guddu manipulates him. He makes him realise that his older brother has excluded him from his -inner circle and JP Yadav would soon need someone like Guddu in his corner. He further promises him profits from the opium trade.

Munna and Madhuri have a court marriage. Madhuri is extremely happy but Munna looks like he could repeat the wedding massacre of last season. They go back to Mirzapur and scene cuts to their wedding night. Munna tells her that he had no interest in marrying her. He did so under his father’s insistence. He further says that he has no emotional connect with her. Madhuri takes the stance that in the absence of any emotional connection, they won’t have a physical one either

Soon the election results are announced. CM has won the election again. Tripathis have now regained -substantial political strength. Their gun factory is shown being repaired and Munna is leading the business again.

In Bihar, Chota Tyagi sets a meeting for Guddu and Golu with his father and elder brother, Bharat to finalise the opium deal. The moment Dada Tyagi hears about drugs he immediately refuses. Dada was himself a victim of smack abuse by his pregnant mother- this is why he was born a dwarf. Bharat also refuses to help his brother.

In Lucknow, JP Yadav doesn’t get a Ministry of his choice in the cabinet after election results. His brother, the CM gives Kaleen Bhaiya an important industry to govern -. This makes Yadav extremely jealous.

With this episode, MIrzapur has fallen from grace again. Everyone is seen planning for the future, while the present becomes monotonous . Though showing this planning seems  practical, it is not very interesting. Scenes cutting from one location to another gets tiring and a bit confusing to watch. Even the side stories in the narrative add nothing to this episode or the plot. 

Rating 1/5