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Mirzapur: Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - Yogya

Mirzapur: Season 1 Episode 9 Recap - Yogya

It’s season finale time! I couldn’t wait to see what the creators had in store for us here.

The episode opens with Munna getting some bad news. (You already know how this is going to go.) Turns out, Golu Gupta has defeated him in the college elections. However, Golu is not in college. She is attending a wedding with her sister’s family. Remember Dimpy’s friend whose father works for the enemy? Yes, it’s her wedding.

Munna decides to go all the way over to Gorakhpur so he can “congratulate” Golu properly. Akhanda tells Munna that it’s time for him to take over the family business and he is free to decide the future of the Pandit brothers and the involvement with the Tripathi household. Munna is ecstatic and leaves town with his goons, and a dangerous amount of weapons.

Akhanda finds out that the opium distribution operation has been busted, and that inspector Maurya is working against the drug and gun business. He takes off as well.

The only two people left in the house are Akhanda’s father and his Akhanda’s wife. Turns out, Satyanand Tripathi knows all about her daughter in-law’s affair with the domestic help, and decides to teach her a lesson.

All three generations of Tripathi men are out to show their true colours.

Things are going smoothly in Gorakhpur. Everyone celebrates Golu’s victory and then head to the wedding reception. 

Sweety tells Guddu the good news. She’s pregnant. Guddu is about to become a father! But he does not react to the news at all. Im fact, he hasn’t uttered a single word since his outburst at the Mr. Purvanchal competition. He just sits there with a dejected expression on his face. 

Just because he doesn’t show it, doesn’t mean he’s not happy. Alone in front of the bathroom mirror, he imagines how he would hold a little baby in his arms. There are tears in his eyes. For me, this is easily the best scene Ali Fazal has ever performed.

The reception is well underway. Everyone is dancing and celebrating. Bablu observes someone at the reception and realises that the person is keeping an eye on him and his family. Bablu confronts him and asks who that man works for. Before the man even has the time to respond or retaliate, Munna and his men enter the premises with guns in their hands. 

Munna starts firing in the air and kills random people at the ceremony. What a nice callback, just like the first episode! It’s still as horrifying as it was 9 episodes ago. 

Back in Mirzapur, things are not going well. Satyanand plays the same mind games with Beena that she has playing with others all season. He tortures her, sexually assaults her, and then tells her it’s time for her lover Raja’s punishment.

Akhanda, on the other side of town, has decided to punish inspector Maurya too. He is taken to a remote location, with hands and legs tied with a rope and informed that things will end badly for him.

(The next part contains multiple spoilers.)

Munna finds out Sweety is pregnant and kills her right there and then. The woman who couldn’t love him doesn’t deserve to be happy with someone else. Before the audience even has the time to grieve the death of one of the most beloved characters, Munna goes on to shoot Bablu in the head, killing him instantly too.

Guddu and Golu are crying, shaking profusely and begging Munna to kill them too. Munna asks the dancer to continue with her performance, and dances on the stage for everyone to see. He is celebrating his victory. 

In Mirzapur, Akhanda thinks about killing Maurya unaware of the fact that back at home Satyanand has asked Beena to perform a castration on Raja.

In Gorakhpur, Golu manages to get a hold of a gun, and Guddu teaches her to aim properly at Munna. The screen goes blank. Does she shoot? Does she avenge her sister's murder? We don't know yet.

That’s it. The episode ends on the verge of life and death for everyone involved.

Mirzapur season finale is darker and scarier than anyone can imagine. The dark cinematography and blood only makes it all the more difficult to watch.

Each and every single actor goes leaps and bounds to prove their mettle as an artist and brings out multiple emotions on screen. This show is a must watch.

This episode gets a rating of 4.5/5.

Mirzapur Season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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