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Mirzapur: Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - Tandav

Mirzapur: Season 1 Episode 8 Recap - Tandav

I was quite excited for this episode. I wanted to see how Guddu and Bablu react to Rati Shankar Shukla’s proposal.

Shukla’s offers aggravates Guddu. So much so, that Guddu shoots him in the forehead and heads back to Mirzapur.

The news reaches the town before they do. JP Yadav is unhappy with how Akhanda is running his operation, and Akhanda holds the Pandit brothers accountable. 

Bablu diligently apologizes for their actions, but Guddu is unwilling to acknowledge that they have done something wrong. They were supposed to not act without permission, but they did. 

Akhanda doesn’t say anything to them, but the anger in his eyes is clearly there. Pankaj Tripathi at his best. Such strong acting in this scene, it sent chills down my spine.

In the meantime, Akhanda’s other business is going down too. Officer Maurya has caught up with their doings. He knows that the transgender people of Mirzapur are working with the Tripathi’s and decides to take them down. 

Guddu and Bablu finally part ways. Bablu doesn’t want to live a life of crime anymore. He goes home and asks his father for forgiveness. Guddu goes to Sweety’s house and proposes to her. He wants to get married at the earliest and so they decide to go to the courthouse the very next day.

The next day at Tripathi’s mansion, Munna is sitting in a corner thinking about his friend’s death. His stepmother tells him to make sure Compounder’s death “wasn’t in vain.” 

Once again, Rasika Dugal being notorious. What does she mean by that statement? Is she coaxing Munna to kill his own father, her husband? What for? 

Guddu and Sweety get married while Munna pays a visit to Compounder’s grandmother. 

Sweety is welcomed by her in-laws, and it seems things will smooth over in the future. On his wedding night, Guddu is excited for the next morning. The day of the Mr. Purvanchal competition. He is excited to win the trophy from Kaleen Bhaiya and start his modelling career. 

During the competition, Bablu, Sweety, and Mrs. Pandit cheer as Guddu aces every round. Akhanda is sitting in the audience. You can tell by his expressions that he is not happy.

One of his employees tell him that they have found something on Compounder’s mobile records that could potentially help them find the person who devised the conspiracy against Akhanda. He leaves the competition and only says one thing - “make sure, Guddu doesn’t win.”

All the judges abide. Guddu loses the competition. Nobody understands how that could happen. He was everyone’s favourite performer of the night. Guddu becomes unhinged. He goes up on the stage, breaks the trophies and beats up his competitors. Bablu jumps to defend his brother. He pulls out a gun and asks everyone to vacate the premises. 

It’s a massacre. Guddu has made news all over town. There is nothing left to be said. And on that note, the episode ends. Unpredictability is in the very nature of the show. And the show-makers never fail to leave the viewers surprised.


Mirzapur Season 1 is now streaming on Prime Video.

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