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Made in Heaven Season 1 Episode 1: All That Glitters is Gold- Recap

Is this what Made in Heaven looks like?

Made in Heaven Season 1 Episode 1: All That Glitters is Gold- Recap

The Amazon Prime web series Made in Heaven takes us through marriages set against different backgrounds and their not-so-celebratory situations.
Episode 1 (All That Glitters is Gold) starts with the protagonists and wedding planners Tara Khanna (Sobhita Dhulipala) and Karan Mehra (Arjun Mathur) preparing to seal-the-deal with the Roshans while minding their competitor, Harmony. 
Tara is anxious for their presentation and wants to make sure nothing goes wrong because the Roshans will be their biggest clients, if they manage to win the account. Karan is relaxed but knows the competition will be stiff. 

Enter the larger-than-life mansion of Roshans. The Roshans want the wedding to be classy. So they explore the options Harmony and Made in Heaven provide. Initially the inclination is towards Harmony because of the grandeur they promise. However, the Roshans go ahead with Made in Heaven for Angad’s wedding contract. The parents also request the Made In Heaven team to investigate Aliya’s past. While Tara and Karan are uncomfortable with this idea, they agree because this account means a lot to them.  
Drawing a parallel with Aliya’s life, Tara revisits her first meeting with her husband, businessman Adil Khanna with whom she started off as a secretary. The parallel exists because both Tara and Aliya don’t come from high-class society.

Both are welcomed warmly and yet talked about behind their back. They both  are labeled gold-diggers. So, on some level Tara finds herself in Aliya.
Later, we are taken to a party thrown by the Khannas. Tara is nervous while ensuring that the party looks perfect. Fun fact here is that even the sight of a melaware plate, which signifies mediocrity, bothers her. 
Tara gives off a low key vibe of Monisha from Sarabhai vs Sarabhai. Over the course of that show, Monisha, a middle-class woman, transforms into a perfectly groomed high-class lady hosting parties. 
Soon after, we dig into Karan’s life. Karan is closeted about being gay because it is a taboo in Indian society. He is also burdened with family pressure to get married and settle down with a decent job. This pressure and intrusion is probably the reason why he meets his family rarely. To add to his stresses, Karan owes a huge amount of money to a local lender. This local lender regularly sends his goons to warn Karan of damaging consequences if the loan isn’t paid on time. 
All of these conditions make Karan even more desperate to run Made in Heaven successfully. This character has a lot of layers which we hope to explore in the upcoming episodes. As of now, the first episode beautifully lays down the groundwork for Karan’s character. 

As the episode progresses, we meet Tara’s in-laws and other high society aunties passing judgemental looks and remarks about Tara and their respective daughters-in-law. 
Back to the wedding, Aliya comes to know about the investigation. The investigation reveals that Aliya has had an abortion in the past. This news puts the Roshans in a deep shock. Aliya feels violated and calls off the wedding. Angad follows her, cutting all the ties with his family. Now Angad’s family obviously wants their son back and are ready to accept Aliya. Meanwhile Aliya refuses. 
That’s when Tara plays her card and convinces Aliya of how money will outweigh romance in the future. Tara puts huge emphasis on Angad’s 3000 crores and makes Aliya realise the power his money holds. No matter how much we hate it but this is where I too, realised that love and money both make up this relationship’s foundation the latter being more attractive.
The wedding celebrations proceed. It’s amazing to see how through all the compromises and complaints the Roshans were hugely concerned for their public image. The couple exchange vows around the sacred fire giving the Made in Heaven team their biggest break. 

And of course, all becomes magically well when Din Shagna Da plays in the background, right? 

The episode ends with Tara setting up a date night plan with Adil. Meanwhile Adil has plans with a mysterious woman. Uh oh! Looks like this marriage too is crumbling from within.
The first episode explores class struggle, taboos around homosexuality and gender biases. It sets up a great foundation for each character arc. We are drawn into the lives of the protagonists as they make their way out of personal problems and build Made in Heaven.
One thing this episode taught me was that marriages may be made in heaven but they are conditioned to our judgemental mindset too.