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Influencer Round-Up

What are your favourite Instagram and Youtube creators up to?

Influencer Round-Up

Kusha Kapila

One of the latest videos of her on her Instagram page is about how an Indian family conceives the idea of mental health. It is an apt depiction of how different members of the family will react if questioned about what they think of mental health and their experiences of suffering from particular symptoms implying mental disorders. Even today, in India most households do not consider the validity of good mental health. The term “mental” in itself has a stigma around it and the usage of which openly gets eyebrows raised. This particular video titled “Indian family talks about mental health” highlights the fact that even in the face of pain and suffering due to mental health issues, our families tend to attribute it to external factors. For an average Indian gen z or a millennial who understands the importance of good mental health but lives in an orthodox family, this video will be quite relatable. I would recommend everyone to watch this video along with their parents.

Dolly Singh

In the past week, Dolly Singh put up a bunch of interesting videos on her page. She is one creator who is capable and very good at addressing a social issue with the help of her sketch-like videos. On Menstrual Hygiene Day, she put up an insightful video showing a teenager’s plight when she doesn’t have a sanitary napkin at home and her mother’s not there to help her. It is a thought provoking video. Do we really need to panic and make it a big deal when you end up staining a garment or dropping period blood on the washroom floor accidentally? At the onset of the pride month, Dolly posted a hypothetical video of two sisters chatting about one’s nephew’s gay marriage. It is heartwarming to see them conversing with no qualms and just as any other heterosexual marriage. The video invokes hope to witness a day like this in the future. 

Srishti Dixit

During the second wave of the pandemic, Buzzfeed India fame, Srishti Dixit has been missing in action from content creation. For a month she was just focussing on amplifying Covid requests and information. After this interval, she took to Instagram to post a rant-cum-response to a very normalised but intricate notion of “be yourself”. In this one-minute clip, she manages to throw light on the fact that self is a complex structure. It is a concoction of the multiple characteristics and qualities of a person. By telling someone to be themselves is not a way to simplify it for them but to make it even more difficult to understand the context. The point is that asking someone to “be yourself” is not at all the right phrase to use. This video did very well amongst the Instagram audience. It struck a chord with most individuals and was shared by distinguished people like the actress Mahira Khan as well.

Tanmay Bhat

Vlogging on Youtube is the latest job comedian, writer, streamer, Tanmay Bhat has taken. His vlogs blew up last year during the lockdown, credit to his flatmates and Tanmay’s ability to pull out funny content from the most normal situations at home. Recently, he put up three consecutive vlogs on his Youtube channel all relating to Covid and vaccination. The first vlog mentioned one of his friend’s experiences with Covid and his struggle to book a vaccine slot. The second focussed on the whole vaccination process. The third vlog was a collaboration with Pharmeasy. It talked about Tanmay and his flatmates’ experience after getting the first shot of the vaccine and answered some important questions and doubts of people related to vaccination and its side effects. The USP of Tanmay Bhat vlogs is the humour. 

Manoj Mehta

Manoj Mehta who goes by the handle @notmanoj on Instagram is one of the newest meme pages which has gained a lot of traction recently. It proclaims to post funny content relating to India and Pakistan and unite them. The page got attention with the post called “Pakistani Uber chats”, which basically is a compilation of screenshots of chats between an Uber driver and the customer. These were some of the funniest text messages. Since then, Manoj has been posting regularly and making memes and content on ideas relating to both sides of the border. He has also started an Urdu word of the day concept in his stories. Overall, Manoj Mehta runs a very interesting and entertaining page. You can definitely go check it out for the laughs.