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Four More Shots Please!: Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Long Way From Ludhiana

Four More Shots Please! challenges the girls as new characters emerge in their professional and personal lives.

Four More Shots Please!: Season 1 Episode 3 Recap - Long Way From Ludhiana

Umang stands outside her to-be client's house. The door opens and she is shocked to see Samara Kapoor in front of her. She can’t believe it! She is going to be her celebrity idol’s personal fitness trainer. What a big responsibility! Umang fumbles while trying to introduce herself and slips in a normal conversation. Embarrassed, she runs out of the house like a child who has just smashed a window with a sixer. Looks like she'll need to put in a lot of effort next time in standing still in front of Samara. 

Turns out, back when she used to live in Ludhiana, Umang had been in a relationship with her childhood friend Pinky. But sadly, Pinky didn't come out of the closet and instead married Umang's brother. Perhaps, getting abandoned by her lover was a driving force behind Umang's decision to run away from her home in Ludhiana to live a free life in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Siddhi along with her mother Sneha, the female-Pran of her life, can be seen visiting the nutritionist to discuss Siddhi's curves. Sneha is adamant to transform her chubby daughter into a size 0. If Sneha would ask me, I'd recommend that she let her daughter get her shit together herself. Siddhi says that she too has a 0 size figure, except the fact that there's a 1 in front of the 0. Siddhi is hilarious.

Truck Bar evening. The girls discuss Anjana's sex life which doesn't exist and they are shocked to know that Anjana doesn't masturbate. Anjana likes to call her vagina Ms VeeVee. Quite creative. Umang's eyes almost pop out with this piece of information and she says, "Ms VeeVee ne abhi tak makdi ka jaala bana liya hoga. Bechaari ke saath itni badsaluki mat kar". Again, very creative statement. 

Post the drinking session, Jeh and Damini find a puppy near the bar. Apparently, Jeh can't take it home because pets aren't allowed in his building. So he asks Damini to take care of the dog for a day till he can take it to a shelter the next day. Damini is not an animal person. She tells Jeh to "keep that thing away" from her. Her germophobia is getting the better of her, but she gives in because the puppy has nowhere else to go.

The next morning Siddhi visits a park for a date with a family friend, Mohit. This is another attempt by her mother to get Siddhi married. Unlike the previous guy, Mohit isn't a freak. Siddhi finds out that Mohit is gay and hasn't come out to his parents yet. His being gay isn't a problem for Siddhi and the two bond really well. Guys, Siddhi has a new friend. But here comes the irony. On one hand, he compliments Siddhi on her curves, but then goes on to body shame some thin girls doing yoga near them. The cherry on the pie: Siddhi joins him in this too. Jokingly he says, "Inke earrings jab dangle hote hain toh echo hota hai sar ke beech mein se". I’m glad he's not a freak like some of the other men Siddhi’s dated. But sadly, he's a hypocrite and doesn't have a good sense of humour. 

Meanwhile, Damini spreads tissue like a carpet in her house for the dog to walk on. She doesn't want her holy floor to get touched by the dog's feet. This dog is getting VIP treatment. She takes the dog outside for a walk and is annoyed when Jeh calls her up to inform her that the animal shelter doesn't have space for the dog. Obviously, Jeh is trying to trick her into keeping the dog.

Later at the bar, Anjana is still obsessing over Kavya. Cue the eyerolls. This girl needs to get over it. However, her friends have an effective solution to Anjana's insecurity: shots.

Next day at work, a new face enters Damini's professional life. The board has hired Akanksha Moitra (Sapna Pabbi) to work on entertainment and gossip stories besides Damini's stories of harsh revelations. Having both of them working on the same platform might make Damini's time at her own company a little too difficult.

Umang visits Samara Kapoor once more. This time, she's fully prepared with her speech about the training, which she messed up last time. Samara welcomes her and it seems like things are going well for Umang.

The episode ends with the girls hanging at marine drive, drinking their sorrows away. 'Chal daaru peete hain' should be the show's tagline.

Episode Rating: 2/5