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Breathe Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – Body Parts

Breathe marks the story’s end with its finale full of game-changing twists for the characters.

Breathe Season 1 Episode 8 Recap – Body Parts

Danny doesn’t waste any time in preparing for his final murder. Danny knows that Kabir is not in Mumbai, Nair’s case is solved and he is not being followed anymore. Perfect time to attack Ria! We see him fill up an online form for immigration to Australia. I see...he’s planning to move to Australia to lead a new and peaceful life.

The plot changes to an evening view of the beach where Josh is sitting on Danny’s lap and they are looking at the crashing waves. The series shows the father-son duo sharing an emotional moment. Danny tells Josh that very soon they’ll go to a far off land where Josh will go to a big university, participate in sports, make girlfriends and have a hell of a time. Danny becomes emotional when his son asks him about what Danny will do while Josh is busy having a great life. Danny tells him that he’ll sit in a big chair with a huge glass of beer in his hand and watch his son grow into a handsome strong man. Madhavan has played the character’s emotions beautifully. This is the first time that the series has managed to make me cry.

In the next scene, we see Ria busy with the visitors at the Gallery. She is attending the visitors one-by-one till she reaches a handsomely dressed man looking at a Theodore painting. The guy is Danny. This must be his next step in stalking Ria. Danny casually flirts with her and introduces himself as a struggling artist, Siddharth.

Danny visits his wife’s grave to tell her about his Australia plan. As Danny returns home, he notices that the garage has been emptied. The box containing all the evidence is no longer there. Danny impatiently heads to his home when a neighbour interrupts to tell him that Juliet cleaned all the mess in his garage and looked so upset when she had to take a big carton to their home all by herself. It is definitely the carton Danny is looking for. Danny’s mother knows about the murders. Will he kill her too?

Danny enters his home to find Juliet worried, praying. Juliet takes a scared look at Danny who now realises that his cover has been blown. A melodramatic sequence of staring at each other with intense music playing in the background follows between Juliet and Danny for a while. Juliet tells him, “Agar mujhe mil sakta hai, toh kisi ko bhi mil sakta hai” (Perhaps Juliet isn’t in the mood to disclose her son’s little secret), and Danny burns all the evidence.

Later in the day, while Josh and Juliet asleep, Danny removes his cross and prepares to sneak out to get done with Ria’s murder. Just then, Danny’s phone rings and he is informed that a critically ill patient’s family has agreed to donate the patient’s organs. Since Josh is number 1 on the donor recipient’s waiting list, the doctor asks Danny to immediately get Josh to the hospital for the transplant. Danny is relieved on this news and rushes his son to the hospital. Maybe the story is going to end happily for Danny

Danny and Juliet are waiting outside the operation theatre when a doctor comes out of the OT. The doctor informs them that the transplant can not proceed further and the surgery needs to be aborted because the donor’s lungs are too damaged. Danny and his mother are left disheartened. Danny’s expressions turn cold as he leaves the hospital. He must try his last chance at ensuring Josh’s survival (Ria’s murder).

In the next scene, we see Ria working at the gallery, alone. She is going through the artwork when the lights go off (It’s showtime). Ria tries to make her way through the artwork in the dimly lit room when Danny creeps up on her from behind. She turns around and is shocked to see Danny in the room. He hits Ria and she falls unconscious on the ground. As she begins to regain consciousness, Danny narrates the story of “Ria’s accidental death by electrocution”. He has toppled the jar of water, and the water is in contact with the electric wires. Heavy current will run through Ria’s body when Danny will put the fuse back, and Ria will die.

Just as Danny turns around, Kabir slaps him. What!? Where did Kabir come from?. Danny looks as confused as me on seeing Kabir. Maybe the finale is going to be as cliche as any other crime thriller

The story goes in flashback. It turns out that Kabir had figured out the case through a small mistake Danny made. Danny had forgotten to recreate Rao’s arm tattoo to pull off the CCTV footage stunt. The reports in the media about Nair’s death and closure of the case were a trap set by the police to nab Danny. In reality, Nair is on ventilator support, alive. Moreover, Kabir’s break too was a lie.

Honestly, I wasn’t very surprised by this revelation. Obviously, the hero has to win every time. No matter how hard Danny’s tries to inch closer to his goal, Kabir will always be a roadblock.

Coming back to the present, we see that Danny has been cuffed. Cold-hearted Danny smirks and tells the cops that they still do not have a single shred of solid proof against him. Danny boils up with anger and tries to justify his actions by saying, “Baap hoon main, kya karoon”.

Danny says that he is a good father, which Kabir will never be. Danny mocks Kabir for Shreya’s death while Kabir stands quietly looking very defensive. Danny ridicules him and calls him an idiot when BOOM! Danny is shot. Kabir has shot him in the chest. I am like what the...How can Kabir kill the guy who was just trying to be a good father!? If I had known earlier that Danny is going to die in the end, I wouldn’t have even watched the show. Maybe.

As Danny takes his last breaths, he remembers his son and all the happy moments they had shared. The last words which come out his mouth are, “Kabir, Josh. Please”. Danny wants Kabir to ensure that Josh lives. So do I! I do not want Danny to die in vain.

Fast forward by a year. We see Kabir sitting in the audience for a sports match while thinking about Danny. In the flashback, we see that after Danny’s death, Kabir had had Prakash switch off Nair’s ventilator and called Nair’s murder an accidental death. Kabir felt that he could redeem himself by saving Josh and it seems like he did manage to save him by lying about Nair.

A healthy Josh is seen participating in his school’s marathon competition while Kabir along with Ria and Juliet is sitting in the audience. Looks like Kabir had a happy ending by reuniting with Ria. Even though Danny didn’t survive, the story ended happily for him too.

Juliet looks at the cross she’s holding in her hand. It is Danny’s cross. Her eyes become wet as she remembers her son. Just as the race is about to start, Josh lifts his head up and remembers Danny and imagines his father standing at the other end of the race track; waiting for Josh to win the race.

The finale episode of Breathe Season 1 titled ‘Body Parts’ ended on a satisfactory note. Sadh and Madhavan have given justice to the characters they have played by performing their character’s every emotion beautifully. The story managed to steal my attention with its thrill and suspense and it was definitely worth the time.

I hope that the spinoff series of Breathe, Breathe: Into the Shadows starring Abhishek Bachhan and Amit Sadh in lead roles, which released on Amazon Prime on 10th July’20, will too be a story full of many thrills.


Episode Rating: 4.5/5

Season Rating: 4/5