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Breathe: Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – It’s In The Eyes

Breathe continues to give shockers with its storyline as the characters come across hurdles to cross.

Breathe: Season 1 Episode 7 Recap – It’s In The Eyes

The episode opens with Kabir and Prakash at the club, investigating Nair’s case. Prakash gets a phone call from the hospital and we get to know that Nair isn’t dead but in a critical condition. At this point in the story, Kabir doesn’t look like the alcoholic he used to be earlier. Perhaps, the past few months have helped him confront his emotions. He still suspects Danny for Nair’s attack. He notices that the distance between the blind school and club isn’t much, and his instincts tell him that Danny deliberately chose that particular blind school.

We are back at the blind school where Danny is busy training the kids while Kabir rushes towards him. Danny greets him with a smile and SLAP! Kabir hits him so hard that blood starts coming out of Danny’s mouth. He wants Danny to confess. SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!

 While Kabir is busy beating the shit out of Danny, the story rewinds to the previous night. We see Danny attaching his phone to the speaker. He has recorded his voice over for the narration. Children fooled. Next, we see him take out a dummy from his bag and place it on the seat. He puts his jacket and cap over it and sprays his perfume over it. Attendants fooled. Then, he escapes from the school by jumping off the wall. Cops fooled. He heads straight to the club where he takes out the fuse and attacks Nair.

Meanwhile, Prakash interrogates the children and attendants who tell him that Danny was at the school the whole time. He pulls Kabir away from Danny and tries to convince him that it is not Danny whom they are running after. Danny gives off a sarcastic smile as Kabir and Prakash walk away.

ACP Shankar gets to know about Kabir’s ‘secret mission’ through the bitchy Malwankar and lands at his house as an unwelcome guest. He walks around the room, sees Kabir’s investigation progress on the wall and mocks him  asking if he has started a detective agency on the side. Shankar is scolding him for his personal indulgence in the case and negligence towards the office.

While preparing a cup of tea for Shankar, Kabir addresses his daughter’s death, out of the blue. He gives a short emotional speech about how it’s a man’s duty to take care of his family and that he’s not going to beg his seniors for it. Shankar is left embarrassed by the speech and leaves the place saying, “take care” to him. Although it did turn out a little dramatic, I love the way Kabir’s character has evolved over the show. Like Danny, Kabir too has changed; just in a different way.

Shankar, in a bid to teach Kabir a lesson, calls up the other cops who have been following Danny and orders them to return to the station immediately. Danny is no longer being followed.

As Danny reaches his society, he is greeted by Aruna. She calls him “Mr Sunil Mehta”. He realises that Aruna has figured it out. They head for a walk. While Danny doesn’t speak much and keeps looking at the road, Aruna expresses her frustration and anger towards him. She feels used as a doctor and tells him that she has to report him to the police. He is quiet for a bit and then says, “I am sorry, Aruna”...a moment before giving her a strong push to the middle of the road! She gets hit by a speeding car! I can’t believe this is the same guy who once was nervous and excessively polite.

No one else other than Madhavan would have been able to give justice to his character. The show did have a loose beginning but with every episode, it has tightened the loose knots beautifully.

Kabir and Prakash investigate Nair’s case further and find the phone conversation Nair had with his wife where a man (Danny) greeted him, before the swim. Kabir notices a particular style of talking in the man’s voice which shifts his attention from Danny to Rao. I wonder what cards Danny must have played in pulling this off.

The episode begins to intensify as Kabir heads to Rao’s apartment and begins slapping him to get him to confront (This guy seems to have a knack of going around and slapping people). Rao keeps repeating that he is being wrongly accused, Prakash intervenes. He tries to knock some sense into Kabir. They do not have a solid proof of Rao’s guilt. Just as the duo is about to head out, Kabir notices the CCTV camera in the parking lot and checks it.

In the next scene, Kabir is seen dragging Rao to show him the CCTV footage. In the footage, we see Rao driving his car out of the parking lot, on the night Nair was attacked. Bur Rao claims that the guy in the footage is not him. Kabir arrests Rao and along with Prakash, takes off to a deserted building. He gets a warning from Shankar to get Rao immediately to the police station else he’ll be suspended, but he doesn’t comply with the orders (Knack of refusing to comply with orders too).

At the deserted building, Kabir nearly beats Rao mercilessly. Rao’s eye has swollen, there’s blood all over his face and Prakash is continually asking Kabir to stop but the latter doesn’t.

When Kabir is done, Rao agrees to confess. This is not how I was expecting the story to go...We get to know that Nair has died and his body has been sent for autopsy, which means that his organs will not be donated. Poor Josh.

The next scene takes us to the police headquarters. The commissioner has called upon everyone concerned with the case to discuss the next course of action. Shankar’s character makes me want to hit him in the face and laugh at him at the same time. He looks like a whining baby when he complains to the commissioner of his juniors’ negligence to which the commissioner replies, “Shankar...Tum thanda paani peeyo” (lol).

The episode shifts to Danny, who is watching the police briefing on Nair’s murder case. On hearing that the case has been closed, his face relaxes a little. He sits next to his son who reads the sadness in his father’s eyes. Josh asks him if he’s okay. Danny tells him that he’s always okay when he’s with him and gives him a tight hug. I don’t want Danny to get caught, but stay by his son’s side while he grows up.

We see Kabir pay a visit to Ria at the art gallery before he goes outstation to take a break. As always, slow sad music plays in the background when they are talking but it doesn’t seem melodramatic this time. The characters share a respectable relationship for the first time in the show. Ria says that she is glad Kabir is taking a break from all this mess to rethink his life. Somehow, she hopes that Kabir will return to her eventually. I’d like to believe the same from this conversation.

Before Kabir gets into the cab, he makes a phone call to Danny. What does he have to say now? Does he know that Danny is the real killer?

He calls him up to apologize for all the harassment (if only he knew who Danny really is). He hangs up the call and takes off. The camera stands still and the background music intensifies as we see Danny walk towards the centre of the screen. He now stands outside the art gallery.

The episode titled “It’s In The Eyes” ends as Danny takes a cold look at Ria. He is going to try his luck for the one last time before Josh gets a new life. But with the case closed and Kabir gone, who will save Ria!?


Episode Rating: 5/5