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Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

Just when Beanie is about to lose her guard, she instead decides to stay true to her dreams.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 6 Recap

The episode begins with Beanie and Chirag talking about going on a  6-week tour. Beanie is extremely excited to be a part of this tour. She agrees to all the conditions put forward by Chirag and is ecstatic to have this opportunity. At home, Kapi reminds Beanie that her parents are upset with her and this tour might upset them even more. I don't really understand why Kapi wants Beanie to stay back. Honestly, this seems like a good opportunity for Beanie to grow as a comedienne. Beanie’s thoughts align with mine. She doesn’t pay much attention to Kapi’s advice. 

Beanie is definitely swayed by the changed Arun she met last night. She tells Kapi she is going to Arun’s place to get her old camera which she had left there. Both Kapi and the viewers know that this is not the real reason. 

However, before she leaves Arun arrives at Kapi’s house to meet Beanie himself. He comes with a big box of Beanie’s stuff which was left at Arun’s place. Beanie is pleased to see him. Beanie and Arun relive their memories while Beanie pulls out her things one by one. Then Arun takes a half-day off from work to go out for lunch with Beanie. Beanie is surprised to see Arun taking an off from work because he wasn’t one of those people who missed work to go for random lunches. 

While having food, they talk about Beanie’s tour. Arun congratulates her. He then asks if her parents are fine with her travelling alone for such a long period. Arun knows Beanie’s parents well. He knows her parents are very protective when it comes to their daughter. When Arun learns that Beanie is not planning to share this information with her parents, he persuades her to go and talk to them. Beanie comes around and decides to talk to them. 

Meanwhile, Vasant and Shruti learn that Arun and Beanie were seen talking to each other at Sakshi’s engagement party. Vasant is eager to know what is going on between her daughter and the man he wants her to marry. So in an act of extreme desperation, Vasant calls all his acquaintances who were at the party one by one to know if anyone heard Arun and Beanie’s conversation. All of them begin with congratulating Vasant for his daughter’s success as a comedienne. Beanie won everyone over with her performance that day, it seems.

Her parents also learn that Beanie is going on tour through a Facebook post. Then they realize that their daughter who used to be vocal about even the smallest things has hidden such a big achievement from them. Vasant and Shruti realize that they’ve made a  mistake in disowning Beanie when she needs them the most.

Right then, the building guard informs them that Beanie is downstairs and has been circling around for some time now. Shruti runs downstairs to meet her. Beanie apologises for embarrassing them. She patches up with her mom who is now extremely happy for her daughter. Beanie finally looks like she is at peace.

At home, Beanie tells Kapi about Arun. She tells her that she ended up kissing him in his car. Beanie still feels for Arun, more so for the newer version who listens to her. But she is not sure of what Arun thinks. 

The doorbell rings. Kapi and Beanie guess that  Arun is at the door again but turns out to be Ravi. Ravi apologises for his actions and informs Beanie that he is leaving for LA. Beanie wishes him luck and the two end their fling there.

Then Beanie goes to Arun’s house probably to confess what she feels about him. But she doesn’t go in to see him. Instead, she decides to embrace her freedom and turns around. 

At the end of the episode, we see a montage of Beanie performing in front of a crowd beaming with laughter. Kapi, Arun, Vasant and Shruti watch her performance on their screens and feel proud of her. Looks like Beanie has finally convinced everyone around her that she can actually make people laugh with her jokes.

Episode rating: 3.5/5