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Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

Beanie’s recent performance leads her heartbroken and dejected.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 5 Recap

As the episode begins, we see Beanie visiting her parents’ place to have a meal with them. To her surprise, she finds that her parents have watched her “Sex and Lie” set which she performed the previous night. Her parents are ashamed of her. They disown her. Shruti gives a suitcase of Beanie’s stuff to her and asks her to leave.

Beanie is miserable now. Her parents are not talking to her. A potential partner lied about his marriage to her. She doesn’t have an occupation that can pay her bills. She doesn’t even have a house to herself. 

Kapi tells Beanie that a distant cousin Sakshi is getting engaged and has invited Beanie to perform at her engagement party in Pune. This performance will also fetch Beanie Rs. 50000, which is great. Beanie agrees to the performance. 

At the engagement party, Beanie unknowingly bumps into Riya, her ex-boyfriend Arun’s current girlfriend. The two have a conversation about life in general until Arun appears. Beanie is astonished to learn that Arun is dating someone so good looking. 

Next, Arun and Riya put up a wonderful dance performance for Sakshi. This time both Beanie and Kapi are amazed to see how the boring Arun has transformed into this fun person who dances at parties.

Ravi also arrives at the function. He has been tracking Beanie because she has not replied to his calls or messages. Ravi apologises to Beanie for lying to her. He defends himself by saying that he was unable to find the right moment to tell her the truth. He also tells her that he likes her a lot and would like to make up for what he did. However, Beanie is in no mood to deal with Ravi and his apology. She asks him to leave immediately.

Beanie then meets the couple of the night, Sakshi and her fiance. The two warn Beanie not to refer to certain topics while she performs. The list of topics to be avoided covers everything which Beanie planned to talk about. She is scared to learn that now she has to put up a different set altogether. 

However, even after having to change her jokes at the last moment, Beanie puts up a good show. This is definitely a testament to her being naturally funny. In this set, she mentions how her boyfriend didn’t even wait for her response when he proposed to her. Everyone assumed that she would say yes because the time was right for Beanie to marry. 

Arun, listening to Beanie, realizes his mistake. He understands that he wasn’t supportive of Beanie’s choices and did not really care for her opinion. Arun goes to Beanie and appreciates her performance. Beanie shares with him why she isn’t happy despite this being the best day in her comedy career so far. 

Beanie is offered a gig by Chirag Chatwani to open for a comic on a college tour. He is the same guy who offered her a spot in the New Faces Showcase and is also luckily present at the party to witness Beanie’s act. This is indeed a big up for Beanie in her career and turns out, this is a very good day for Beanie in her trajectory as a comedienne.

Episode rating: 3.5/5