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Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

An unprecedented affair at a public washroom makes for a killer comedy set for Beanie.

Bhaag Beanie Bhaag Season 1 Episode 4 Recap

The episode begins with Beanie and Kapi in a cafe. Kapi is amazed to meet this new version of Beanie who has started to like Ravi. The two are joined by Ravi. They have some snacks and then Ravi and Beanie leave for their shows. After Ravi’s performance, Kaneez Surka, a fellow comedian invites Beanie and Ravi to an all comics house party. Here, Ravi is surprised to see Beanie trying out new stuff like smoking weed and having vodka shots. As she gets high, she starts freaking out about her parents finding out about her digressions. Beanie runs out and  Ravi follows after her.

They share an intimate moment and subsequently decide to have sex. Ravi has his grandmother at home and Beanie lives at Kapi’s house so they don’t have a place to go to. They end up in a public washroom. After having done it, Beanie asks Ravi to take things slow. They both confess to each other that they like one another. However, Beanie doesn’t want to commit to anything serious. 

Meanwhile, Beanie’s parents visit a psychologist. Vasant is not at all in favour of consulting a psychologist but goes along at his wife’s request. In just a few minutes of this meeting, Vasant disapproves of the capabilities of the therapist and asks his wife to discontinue the session. Shruti then tells Vasant that they have already paid in advance for five sessions. So with no other choice, the two forcefully attend the sessions.

Shruti is stressed about her daughter because she thinks Beanie is not funny. She thinks Beanie insults herself on the stage and moreover isn’t making any money. While Vasant just wants Beanie to get married soon. He is the typical orthodox father who wants his daughter to get married before the age 30. 

The next day, Beanie shares what happened between her and Ravi the night before with Kapi. Beanie even prepares a set based on this experience. Though Beanie is confident that this set will work very well with the audiences, still she is sceptical to out her story publicly. She shares this scepticism with Ravi. He suggests she go for it because a true story always works.

Ravi hands his phone to Beanie to record his performance. While recording, messages from Emily, Ravi’s ex-wife appear. Beanie learns that it is Ravi who cheated on his wife and is not completing the divorce process. His whole set is about the opposite situation where he talks about his wife cheating on him and not agreeing to give him a divorce. This baffles Beanie.

Beanie goes up on stage and kills it with her sex story. She adds that the man was cheating on her. Beanie is disappointed because Ravi told her to be truthful while he himself was lying all this while. Ravi, standing in the wings, looks regretful.

In the last scene, we see Beanie’s parents watching the set she just did on a phone. Perhaps, someone from the audience recorded and sent it to them. The uncensored video finds them in shock. The one thing Beanie dreaded the most since the beginning was her parents watching her videos and learning that she is not restrained at all. And well, it happened. Let us see how the equation goes on from here.

Episode rating: 3.5/5