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Drama, Family

CBFC Ratings :
Runtime : 100
Released on : 31st Oct, 2014
Genre : Drama, Family
Lyricist :
Available for Streaming on :

Director : Sabal Singh Shekhawat
Cast : Rahul Khanna, Arjun Mathur, Shivani Ghai, Monica Dogra
Language :
Studio :
Music Dir :


Fireflies come out in the night, just to light up the darkness. They live as long as the glow lasts. Even if it is a lifetime, being lived in a day. FIREFLIES is the story of two estranged brothers, S ... hiv and Rana. Living disparate lives, sometimes illuminated by unexpected intimacies and newfound hope, the brothers still remain shackled to the darkness of their past. Haunting memories of a tragic incident must be resolved before they can be brothers again.


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