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Buddha in a Traffic Jam

Thriller, Crime

CBFC Ratings :
Runtime : 114
Released on : 13th May, 2016
Genre : Thriller, Crime
Lyricist :
Available for Streaming on :

Director : Vivek Agnihotri
Cast : Anupam Kher, Pallavi Joshi, Gopal Singh
Language :
Studio : Friday Night Productions
Music Dir :


Vikram is a happy-go-lucky management student from a top Business School of India. He becomes an overnight sensation after a successful internet campaign against the radical fundamentalism of moral po ... licing in India. This prompts his university teacher - Professor Ranjan Batki, to throw him a challenge for yet another internet campaign that would help raise money via a non-profit Pottery Club for poor people living in Maoists areas of India. Little does Vikram know that he is about to become a part of a plot that would risk his life and the nation. He gets entangled between two corrupt facets of India - Socialism and Capitalism, both of which are deeply rooted in India. It's a story inspired from true life incidents of Underbelly India.


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