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Shakal Pe Mat Ja

Comedy, Drama, Crime

CBFC Ratings :
Runtime : 140
Released on : 18th Nov, 2011
Genre : Comedy, Drama, Crime
Lyricist :
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Director : Shubha Mudgal
Cast : Saurabh Shukla, Raghuvir Yadav, Zakir Hussain
Language :
Studio :
Music Dir :


Delhi Airport's Chief Security Officer, Om Prakash, is told that his officers have apprehended four males on airport property, filming and taking photographs without authorization. The four suspects a ... re Ankit Sharma, his school-going brother, Dhruv; Rohan Goverdhan Malhotra, and Bulai. The suspects ridicule them and mockingly ask the guards to let them go. A check of their belongings, including a video camera, shows pictures of prominent places, prompting Om Prakash to summon Vijay D. Chauhan, from the Anti-Terrorist Squad. The latter shows up, is initially skeptical, but after he overhears a rather incriminating conversation between Ankit and a woman named Prachi, is convinced that the four may be terrorists and interrogates them. The four steadfastly deny their involvement in any terrorist activity - but must face up to the situation when a fifth suspect, a woman named Diana, claims that they belong to her group - which has already made plans to blow up the airport today.


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