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CBFC Ratings :
Runtime : 125
Released on : 1st Nov, 2001
Genre : Drama
Lyricist :
Available for Streaming on :

Director : Gul Bahar Singh
Cast : Rajit Kapoor, Aanjjan Srivastav, A.K. Hangal
Language :
Studio : National Film Development Corporation of India
Music Dir :


When the Indian-born Sunil (Rajit Kapoor) stops getting letters from his father back home, he takes a break from his lucrative corporate gig in the States and pays dad a visit. But once in Calcutta, S ... unil learns that his father moved away a few years earlier, prompting Sunil to go searching for him. As he follows the scant trail, Sunil starts to understand that his selfish lifestyle bore grave consequences for his father.


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